Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rock Star Baby!

Potty Like A Rockstar!

How cute is that? I just love it!

I received a call requesting a baby shower, and was way too delighted when I was instructed to use my creativity to come up with a theme!

After browsing the internet, I came up across the cutest little onesie with

"Potty Like a Rockstar"

written across the baby's bottom.

And then I come across this invitation......

I am loving it!

I have hosted some fabulous Rock Star themed parties for children

but a baby shower?

Karaoke, Dancing, Awards with adults......
I am way too excited!

This shower is really going to ROCK!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sweet 13 Inspiration

Okay - My daughter is turning 13 on March 2, 2009! She had this ridiculously funny idea that we would be doing some expensive MTV type Super Sweet 13! I mean, she was talking about performers and all. LOL... Silly kid!

Anyhow - The party planner in me has to do something big....... or should I say small? I came up with "Sweet 13"- you know... sweet as in candy!

So - I'm searching the Internet today and come across the cutest pettiskirt by Kaiya Eve ! These pettiskirts are so cute, I can almost see me in one! I love them! Particularly this Confetti one. It has become my inspiration piece. Doesn't it look "sweet"? As soon as I can find it in teen sizes, it is as good as bought! Being as though I can't find it, I may have to find someone make it for me.

{Can you keep a secret? I secretly looked on and there they were - directions for making a pettiskirt. However, I do not posses a fashion designing bone in my body. Remember, that's between me and you. Shhhh....}

Wondering where this is going? We've got 2 months of planning. Stay tuned.....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Diva Soiree

Last Friday I had the pleasure of hosting a Diva Soiree for the best group of party girls! This is the second soiree I've been able to enjoy with this bunch. These Woodward Academy girls have much more personality than I could have ever imagined..
America's Next Top Model had nothin on these girls as they prepared to walk the pink carpet. Watch out Tyra! They sat like true professionals as they got their make-up, manicures, and hair done.
Talk about performing.... I felt as though I were at a concert. They each chose a song and worked it! Not only did they sing along with the tunes coming from the Ipod karaoke machine, they individually put on a fantastic show!
I have so much fun with these girls. I would jump at an opportunity to party with them again!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baby Qing's First Soiree

I never knew why people where so attached to their dogs until September 16, 2008 (my birthday). My fantastic BF surprised me with the best gift I've ever received - a 6 week old Maltese. His name is Baby Qing....

wanna hear the story behind that? I took way too long to decide on a name. In the meantime, I called him "Baby". I decided on Qing, because I refer to my BF as "my King". Qing would only answer to Baby, so I put the two together!
Baby Qing....

Ok, where was I? Oh yeah.... All of the things I used to say I would never have a dog doing, guess what? Baby Qing does them, with the exception of kissing me! He is truely my baby. Being that he has "the party mom", it's a must that he become a "party animal" :)

He had the priviledge of attending a Christmas party this Saturday! The party was hosted by Ronnie at Harpo and Mimi's Empawrium, a doggie boutique and hang suite in Smyrna, GA. The boutique carries the cutest doggie items, including dresses, pajamas, accessories, etc. They even have a Juicy Couture bomber jacket and carrying bag. Just Fabulous! I really loved this place.

*Excuse me, my Attention Deficit Disorder tends to get the best of me! Back to the party.....*
This party had to be one of the cutest things I've seen in all of 2008! Ronnie had plenty of doggie cupcakes, cookies, and other cute treats! There were about 15 maltese. Most of them were all dressed in their Christmas attire. I found Baby Qing a cute little Christmas shirt to wear. It read "elf-sized". Perfect since he was the smallest thing there. He enjoyed playing with the other dogs, and seemed to have taken a special interest in Bianca - a prissy 1 year old sweetheart. He didn't even mind sharing his treats with her - what a gentleman! Baby Qing has never eaten so many treats in his short-lived life! He tired his self out, and was sleep within minutes, his face pink from all of the red frosting.
I am so looking forward to Christmas morning! I just know the wrapping paper will bring him great joy!