Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sweet 13 Inspiration

Okay - My daughter is turning 13 on March 2, 2009! She had this ridiculously funny idea that we would be doing some expensive MTV type Super Sweet 13! I mean, she was talking about performers and all. LOL... Silly kid!

Anyhow - The party planner in me has to do something big....... or should I say small? I came up with "Sweet 13"- you know... sweet as in candy!

So - I'm searching the Internet today and come across the cutest pettiskirt by Kaiya Eve ! These pettiskirts are so cute, I can almost see me in one! I love them! Particularly this Confetti one. It has become my inspiration piece. Doesn't it look "sweet"? As soon as I can find it in teen sizes, it is as good as bought! Being as though I can't find it, I may have to find someone make it for me.

{Can you keep a secret? I secretly looked on and there they were - directions for making a pettiskirt. However, I do not posses a fashion designing bone in my body. Remember, that's between me and you. Shhhh....}

Wondering where this is going? We've got 2 months of planning. Stay tuned.....